Need to rehome your ferret?



If you think you need to find a new home for your ferret here are some things to should consider first. What’s most important…finding your ferret a loving forever home or recouping some of the money you put into it? It should be finding a loving forever home. Ferrets are expensive enough so do not ask for a rehoming fee. Try not give up your ferret simply because it is old and sick and needs medical care that you can’t pay for. It is not fair to put a financial strain like this onto another individual or ferret club. Come to a meeting and your local club may be able to suggest a reasonable vet that accepts payments or may know of other options for you. 

If your ferret is very old please think long and hard about this. Most older ferrets (over 5 years old) are nearly impossible to place which means they will have to live out the rest of their life in a shelter. While being in a ferret shelter is much better than being in any other kind of shelter it is still not the same quality of life for a ferret as living in a home. Also, old ferrets are very sensitive and are easily stressed. The change from moving them from their home into a shelter may stress them enough that they die from a broken heart. If your ferret is that over 5 years old it probably doesn’t have much of an activity level and doesn’t require as much time out as it did when it was a kit. Try to consider what arrangements could be made so that you could keep your ferret and, once again, come to a meeting and see if there is anything members can suggest to help you with this. Deciding to get rid of your ferret is not a decision you should come to lightly especially is the ferret is old and or sick. Ferret clubs can provide a wealth of information and help and you may realize that you are able to keep your ferret after all..


Once you decide…


If you have thought the matter through and you have decided that you can no longer keep your ferret, the easiest and safest way to find a new home for your ferret is to put up a post on the California Ferret Exchange. This Yahoo group can be found at the following link: .

Make sure that you give as much info on your ferret as possible in your post. List the age, color, sex, health, temperament and litterbox habits of your ferret. Make sure you include which area in California you are located. Once you put up the post, screen all potential owners as there are some teenagers or inexperienced people on this site. Please be aware that you CANNOT sell your ferret or request an “adoption fee” on this site. However, you are more likely to find a good home on this site and, so far, it has been “safe” to post there.

If you have been unsuccessful on the California Ferret Exchange or must rehome your ferret quickly, contact a local ferret club which you can find on our links page or go to a meeting to see if anyone can help you. 

And finally, please don’t post on Craigslist as the Department of Fish & Game has been know to monitor posts on this site and it is NOT SAFE.  

If you contact us, we can try to help you find a new home for your ferret. Please go to our Contact Page, and we will get back to you.


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