Have you found a Ferret?
  1. Contact all local ferret clubs in the area about this. If you can’t keep the ferret let the clubs know and pick up of the ferret will be arranged. And the clubs can post this info on their websites. You can contact us by posting in our Facebook Group.

 2. Download a found ferret flier and post found them in the neighborhood. If you don’t feel comfortable using your number please let us know and you can use one of the clubs phone numbers.

 3. Post an ad on craigslist and make sure to see if anyone has posted a lost add on craigslist.

 4. Put a found ad in the local paper. But just to be safe put “found small animal” it is free to put up a found ad.

 5. You could also go around the area and talk to people and find out if anyone has a missing ferret or if anyone knows about anyone else in the area that has a ferret.  Also pay attention and see if you notice anyone looking for a pet.