How to Keep your Ferret From Escaping
  1. Make sure doors in the house are kept closed when the ferret is out.
  2.  2. Make sure your ferret can’t get into the dish washer, washing machine, or dryer. Many ferrets have died from these innocent accidents.

     3. Find a toy that makes noise that really gets your ferrets attention. Try to train your ferret to really pay attention or come to you with this toy. This will help you if your ferret gets out.

     4. When you have guests visiting either keep the ferret up or make sure that your guests will be aware of the ferret at all times. You will need to quickly teach your guests about not leaving doors open.

     5.Ferret proof your house to make sure there are no holes that your ferret can escape to the outside through.

     6. When your ferret is out of its cage keep an eye on it.