Want a Ferret?

If you want a ferret you should do a lot of research before you get one. Ferrets are wonderful animals that make great pets. But just like anything else they are not for everyone and ferrets are high maintenance pets. However if you do think you want a ferret there are several things you should do before you get one.

1. Do some research on the internet about ferrets as pets.

2. Get the book Ferrets For Dummies. It is by far the best ferret book written to date. Don’t waste your money on any other ferret books. The book can be found at most major book stores and some pet stores. You can also usually find it cheaper on eBay or Amazon.

Read the book cover to cover to really get an idea of what can be expected from having a ferret.

3. Attend a local ferret meeting. A list of local clubs can be found on our links page. Go to a meeting and talk to others there that have ferrets. This way you can hear firsthand what its like to have ferrets and what to expect. It’s also a good idea if you can see if you can go to one of the members homes. This way you can see a ferret in person and interact with one.

Once you have decided that a ferret is the right pet for you and that you have enough time to spend with a ferret look at the financial respsibilities. Make sure that financially you can afford a ferret. Ferrets require a high quality high protein food which can be a little bit expensive.  Another thing to consider is that ferrets are very prone to getting some type of cancer when they get older. The cancer may require some kind of daily medication, surgery, or both. So think about if you are going to have the time and money to deal with these things.

Another thing to consider is that while ferrets can be liter box trained it is very difficult to get them to use the litter box 100 percent of the time when they are out of their cage. Also when they are out of their cage they are not going to go all the way back to the cage to use the litter box. So when they are out you will need several liter boxes around the house or you can use puppy pads and some people use both. Also keep in mind that litter box habits may not be so good when the ferret starts to get really old. However all of these problems can be greatly minimized by keeping a close eye on your ferret while it is out.

Some ferrets also like to dig. They may dig at closet doors, cabinet doors and various places in the house where u have carpet. Usually when they are digging at a certain spot its because they want to get into it. This may be an issue especially if you rent or live with others. There aren’t many things you can do to deter this behavior but there are a few things you can do to save your carpet. You can try putting down a large piece of tile or taping/stapling  plastic runners where your ferret is digging. Both of those items can be found at Home Depot or other similar stores and are very inexpensive. If you own your own home you may want to redo the floors in tile, laminate, or hard wood floors to make things simplier. If your ferret is scratching on doors try putting something infront of the door or not allowing access to that area at all. While the issue of digging is something that can be worked around it is still an issue to consider.

After considering everything if you still think a ferret is a good pet for you go out and buy the supplies before you get a ferret. To start out you will need the following supplies:

Cage-there are many kinds of cages out there but we highly recommend the Ferret Nation cage.

Water bottle or crock

Food dish

Ferret food-with a protein content of at least 45 percent.


Litter box

Litter-do not use clay clumping litter 4 cats. This has too much dust. We highly recommend recycled newspaper pellets.


Nail clippers



Ear cleaner

Treats are optional

Many times you can find some or all of these items for sale either on Craigslist or on Ebay. This is another reason why its a good idea 2 come to a meeting because many members have an abundance of many of these items. Members can also recommend many good products.

Once you have everything you need you can start your journey to find a ferret that is right for you. And once again this is something that your local club may be able to help you with.